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Sunday, 22 July 2018

You Want To Gain Weight?

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It might be hard for you to have belief in this extremely chubby nation that we live in yet there do exist individuals who experience difficulty putting on weight and need assistance to do it. This is really in famine raged countries say Africa for evident reasons yet it is less natural in this nation where there is no deficiency of calorie-rich food. So who are these individuals who want/need to put on weight?

Well, there are no less than three major groups of people in America that need assistance to put on weight. These are athletes, a person with iatrogenic and illness caused cachexia, people, who can't feed themselves effectively, and lastly individuals whose bodies are using calories at a higher rate than "ordinary" people and not including athletes. So let's take a few minutes to at least consider these groups of people.

To start with and maybe most clear are athletes who experience difficulty putting on weight on a normal diet because they are burning off to such an extent or a greater number of calories than they are taking in. Athletes, especially those at the elite class level, often consume ungodly amounts of food just to supply their bodies with enough fuel to work at supernormal levels of physical activity and support fantastically high rates of metabolism.
Second are those with diseases that cause a loss of appetites such as anorexia for an obvious one or mental illness or cancer with associated cachexia that is maybe less obvious. On account of anorexia nervosa, there should be a cognitive behavioral treatment that changes the primary structure of thought for these individuals that influences them to believe that they are fat. For psychological sickness a blend of both behavioral treatment and medications that boost the appetite and encourages the person want to consume enough calories to put on weight. For cancer patients, these appetite-stimulating drugs are extremely the solution if they work.

The group that can't encourage themselves is the third group to talk about and these are mostly individuals at the extremes of age. Clearly, babies should be fed in order for them to gain weight however it is maybe more obvious in the elderly who often sustain on what is known as a "tea-and-toast" diet since they either don't have the physical energy or they never again have the mental capacity to supply themselves with a decent nourishment.

The last group are those that have a high metabolic rate, however, aren't Athletes with lots of physical activity. The best example of this are people whose bodies are battling serious sickness, most commonly infections. The immune system needs lots of energy so it is vital to keep these patients well fed so they can at least maintain if not gain weight.

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